Ek Onkar

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Communication with the Guardians

We subscribe to the idea that good upbringing of a child is a collective effort of both the guardians and the school. Collective work always yields best results via strong communication channels. Keeping this in mind we have curated physical as well as online communication channels that provide complete transparency to the guardians and also enable regular communication and feedback from the guardians as well as the faculty.

Regular digital delivery of results to the guardians with absolute encryption allows the guardians and the faculty to work on the weakness of each child specifically and also to find their latent skills to enhance and empower them in future.


While we constantly push ourselves to maintain a healthy learning environment with fun and harmony among children, not all students have the same capacity to cope with daily routines. We also acknowledge the fact that children while being students are not just students, but have an individual identities of their own. Each of them has a different upbringing and environment at home and thus not all of them can react to a given situation uniformly. This is where the role of a counselor comes in. This professional profile of the counselor includes but is not limited to:

• Guidance in goal-setting/decision-making
• Education on self-understanding and improvement
• Transition Plans
• Career Planning
• Individual and small-group counselling
• Individual/Family/School crisis intervention
• Conflict Resolution
• Consultation/collaboration
• Referrals
• Psychometric testing