Ek Onkar

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The Affiliation

The core values of CBSE School Curriculum have been derived from being up to date with the 21st-century global trends of educational transformations, keeping in mind that India’s heritage and cultural diversity along with its commitment to democratic values and general well-being of its citizens. The key objectives of the CBSE curriculum are:

• To enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential;
• To develop creativity and the ability to appreciate art and showcase one’s own talents;
• To promote capabilities related to goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning;
• To nurture assertive communication and interpersonal skills;
• To learn to be empathetic towards others, display dignity and respect to everyone;
• To foster cultural learning and international understanding;
• To strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills;
• To acquire the ability to utilize technology and information;
• To inspire the attitude of functional and participatory learning;
• To develop abilities related to thinking skills and problem-solving;