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Smart School Management

While everything around is tech-driven and is making processing and communication easier, schools that shape the future must not lag behind. Ek Onkar Global Academy understands this well and is committed to incorporating advanced technological solutions in academics as well as management for flawless operations, utmost transparency, and convenience for students and guardians.

Here are the modules that empower Ek Onkar Global Academy to be a smart school:

Online Registration: It enables guardians to apply for admission to their wards online from across the globe making it a time-saver and hustle-free procedure, allowing us to process the application quickly.

Student Information: This allows the management of each student’s records in just a click to keep absolute transparency regarding fees, attendance, and all other details.

Fee Management: It allows the management of fees by keeping track of each transaction and also enables online fee payment via a payment gateway directly linked to it. It creates transparency and eases funds management for the school administration.

Examination & Exam Result Management: It enables teachers to generate report cards in accordance with CBSE guidelines in digital format that can be shared with guardians directly keeping the privacy intact. If needed, hard copies can also be generated without involving a third-party vendor thus eliminating the risk of data loss/privacy breach.

Library Management: We efficiently manage thousands of books, videos, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, school albums, etc. in a digital library through an automated process using ISBN making it easier for teachers and students to issue books along with real-time record maintenance.

GPS Tracking-Enabled Transportation: We take care of your ward’s security not only on the campus but also en-route home via GPS tracking which also allows us to share your ward’s live location with you.

Attendance Management: Digital attendance management allows both teachers and guardians to track students’ attendance. It automatically notifies the guardian in case the student is absent. Thus, maintaining absolute records and transparency.

Tracking via RFID: We use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track students as a safety measure. This allows us and the parents to be aware of a child’s location at any time. We provide RFID chip-integrated shoes that help us locate students at any point in time during and right after school hours.

Our Cloud-based ERP also includes:
• Staff Information Management
• Staff Payroll Management
• Financial Accounting
• Inventory Management