Ek Onkar

Phone: +91 70171 01223 | CBSE Affiliation No. – 3530670


Primary School

(Grade I to Grade V)

In the primary school curriculum, learning broadens in proportion to the brain development of an average child while keeping experience-based practical learning at the center of it. Along with the core learning we also work on skill development of a child based on each individual’s interests and talents. The major focus areas at the primary level remain:

• Literacy
• Numeracy
• Fine Arts and Performing Arts
• Personal, Social, and Physical Education

Middle School

(Grade VI to VIII)

Moving up the ladder, the vitality of the syllabus amplifies along with the need to scrutinize for future relevance. We ensure quality teaching and extensively technology-driven and high-quality teaching, engagement, and understanding for the students that creates a lasting impression on every child’s mind. Alongside core academics, we also work on reasoning, decision-making, mental, physical, emotional, and social development with empathy to see our students shine as true global citizens.