Ek Onkar

Phone: +91 70171 01223 | CBSE Affiliation No. – 3530670


Unprecedentedly Unconventional

Ek Onkar Global Academy is not conventional in any aspect that you may think of except for our affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We are here to bring sweeping changes in the patterns of educational institutions running in India and the way children learn. For us, it is not just about changes to the methods of teaching but also what is being taught. Here is a glimpse of the key techniques we pivot upon:

• Strengthening each individual physically and mentally and helping in overall personal growth
• Developing skills instead of memorizing ability
• Developing critical thinking, rationale, and good communication skills
• To instill moral values in children and to guide them towards success with the right spirit
• Developing creativity with an emphasis on practical applications
• Encouraging learning spirit and social responsibility
• Instilling the idea of continuous learning and evolution even outside academics
• Fostering a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-awareness
• Encouraging respect, compassion, and gratitude
• Implementing student-centric, dynamic, and interactive modes of teaching
• Applying tailor-made teaching practices for students as per an individual’s requirements
• Providing a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment to students to shape them into global citizens
• Committing to creative, varied, and flexible teaching methodologies
• Developing problem-solving approaches in students toward various social and personal challenges
• Fostering the habit of giving and acknowledging appreciation and acceptance of failures
• Encouraging teamwork among students and also instilling co-working among students, teachers, and guardians
• Completely digitalized classrooms
• Digital management for faculty, attendance, and other logistics
• Conveyance powered with GPS tracking
• Books, stationery, dresses, etc available online