Ek Onkar

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While textbooks are at the center of any curriculum, they may not always be enough. Owing to the curiosity of our students, we have a diverse library that encompasses several books across subjects, topics, languages, and genres for students to learn and enjoy.

Ek Onkar Global Academy has a modest but expanding library with a reading room. The reading room is provided with magazines and books for general knowledge and scientific information. Besides books, there are also a number of tapes, video films and audio-visuals in our library. In our library, books are arranged in shelves and cupboards. Library periods are reflected in the timetable and the students are taken to the library by the class teacher to inculcate in them the habit of reading and making use of their spare time. The teacher and students are allowed and encouraged to draw books from the library, study them and return in time. Students are made conscious of the fact that books are not spoiled and are kept neat and clean.