Ek Onkar

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The Curriculum

Our curriculum has been engineered keeping in mind the vision of the founders. Since we are unconventional in most of the ways, it is a no brainer that our curriculum isn’t the traditional one. It is developed upon personalized, relevant, advanced and adaptive skill development instead of regular exam-based learning patterns.

Right from the Kindergarten, it makes learning creative and fun to ease children into learning while they can still enjoy and memorize lessons for a lifetime. As a child advances, the syllabus broadens gradually along with the grasping capacity without putting any load on an individual’s brain.

Along with good academics, our curriculum also emphasizes on developing life skills in children that help them grow lifetime and not just during their academic career.

A few of these are as understated:
• Social Adaption
• High Order Thinking
• Communication & Public Speaking
• Self-management & Improvement
• Research & Development